Candy King Cookie King Lemon Wafer - Disposable Vape Flavors

Candy King Cookie King Lemon Wafer – Disposable Vape Flavors

A mesmerizing lemon wafer cookie with the optimal balance between sweet and tartness, from the creators of Candy King.

Lemon Wafer is a new dessert flavor from Drip More, the brand behind the popular Candy King line of e-liquids.

Each pull of Lemon Wafer delivers the perfect amount of zesty lemon flavour that will make your taste buds go crazy with every inhale. Available in 100ml chubby squeeze bottles and nicotine content options of 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg.

Lemon Wafer E-Juice by Cookie King

Candy King Cookie King Lemon Wafer E liquid is a light and refreshing dessert vape that combines a crisp wafer cookie with the perfect sour balance of lemon zest. It’s the closest thing to biting into one of those popular snack cookies from the ’90s that came with creamy frosting for dunking!

It’s made by Drip More, the manufacturer behind the wildly popular Candy King line of ejuices. Their Candy and Bakery flavors are some of the most well-rounded vapors on the market!

This Lemon Wafer flavor is part of their Cookie King line, which also includes Choco Cream and DVNK. Choco Cream tastes just like those yummy chocolate sandwich cookies that come with vanilla cream in the middle! DVNK is a sweet graham cracker cookie covered in vanilla frosting.

70/30 VG/PG

Cookie King Lemon Wafer is a dessert vape from the makers of Candy King. It takes a Vanilla cookie and stuffs it with zesty lemon cream for a refreshing citrus flavour.

The 70/30 VG/PG ratio in this E-Liquid is made up of 70% Vegetable Glycerine and 30% Propylene Glycol. This is the preferred ratio for those who are looking for a smoother experience without the throat hit that comes with PG liquids.

Vegetable glycerine, also known as VG, is a sweeter and thicker liquid than PG. It is used in higher % ratios and works well with sub-ohm devices, as it can wick thick liquids more easily. It does not carry the flavour as well as PG, but it produces huge clouds and is popular with many vapers.


A light vanilla lemon wafer perfect for vapers looking for a refreshing and zesty all day vape. This dessert e liquid by Cookie King features the delicate comfort of your favorite vanilla wafer, shredded with just the right amount of bright lemon zest to create a well-balanced flavor experience.

Made by Drip More in USA. Available in 100ml shortfill bottles. Nicotine option included.

Drip More uses the highest quality USP-grade food ingredients to produce premium vaping juices that provide clean, smooth flavors without unwanted chemical-tasting undertones. Enjoy a premium dessert vape juice with this 100ml shortfill in Lemon Wafer from the Cookie King series. Nicotine Options: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg.


Lemon Wafer E-Juice from Cookie King is the perfect dessert flavor. It provides the comforting taste of a favored vanilla wafer slightly drizzled with a lemon flavor to make this vape juice one you will want for all day.

This dessert e-juice comes in a 100ml bottle from the manufacturer Drip More and is part of their Cookie King range. Drip More is the company behind the wildly popular Candy King range and this Lemon Wafer is an incredibly well-balanced sweet n’ tart delight.

Each inhale delivers a crisp lemon zest that hits the palate before being mellowed out with a light vanilla cookie-like aftertaste. It’s like biting into a freshly baked wafer cookie with just the right amount of lemon cream to balance it out.


Lemon Wafer E-Juice is a mesmerizing lemon wafer cookie, optimally balanced between sweet and tartness. This heavenly dessert flavor is brought to you by Drip More in their new dessert line Candy King.

Drip More is well known for their Candy King range of e liquids, and this e juice brings you another treat from this amazing lineup. Lemon Wafer is a fresh bakery e juice that combines a lemon wafer cookie with a glass of milk to create a refreshing and tasty vape that will sooth your vaping cravings.

The sweetness from the lemon cookies is complemented by the smooth milk that gives this liquid an incredibly rich mouth feel and throat hit. DVNK is a must have for any baker or vaper who wants to experience the best in lemon dessert flavors.